Development of Kids Can Text has been suspended. This service will not be available and the site will be shutdown soon.

Let Your Kids Text - Safely

Do you have a young child that wants to stay in touch with friends and family, but you don't want to give them a real phone yet?

Kids Can Text gives your child a real phone number to send instant messages to friends and family. Kids can text on iPod Touch, iPads, iPhones, and most Android devices - all while staying safe and supervised by their parents.

Texting Fun

Kids can send text, photos, videos, and emoji to all their friends and family.

Safe Photos

Block and get notified if your child tries to send or receive inappropriate photos.

Ad Free

Your kids won't be bombarded with ads and can't buy anything inside the app.

No Stranger Danger

Strangers can't discover your kids and text them. Parents manage who can text with their kids.


Annual Fee

$ 35.00 /per child

  • Reserved Phone Number
  • 500 Messages Included
  • Ouch! Why so much? See the FAQ

Additional Messages

$ 5.00

  • 500 messages
  • Never expires


Why should I pre-order?

  • If I receive 5000 pre-orders, I'll be able to leave my regular job and work on Kids Can Text full time. This will allow me to complete the app in 3 to 4 months instead of 6 to 8 months.
    See: When will Kids Can Text be available?
  • You'll get early access to start using the app while I finish up, dot all the i's and cross all the t's. All texts during this pre-release period will be free.
  • You'll receive an extra 500 messages for free once the app is officially released.

How do I know you can really build this app? What if you don't?

  • I developed Kids In Touch - a safe, family friendly messaging app used in 80 countries. In my day job, I develop apps for the world's largest employer.
  • Your pre-order is fully refundable. If you'd like a refund at any time, just say the word. No questions asked.

IMPORTANT: Kids Can Text is only available for U.S and Canadian residents. Do not pre-order if you live in another country.
I'd just like to get notified when Kids Can Text is available.

I don't want to help support the development of Kids Can Text.

Just keep me updated and let me know when it's available.

frequently asked questions

Why won't Kids Can Text be free? Why's it so expensive?

Reserving phone numbers for your child and sending and receiving real texts costs real money. Developing and maintaining Kids Can Text will take countless hours of effort. With your support, Kids Can Text will be developed and maintained full time instead of just part-time.

I'm pricing Kids Can Text at a rate that will support its costs and operations and allow me to make a profit.

Also, so called "Free" apps are rarely free. Several texting apps targeted at kids have hidden fees or bombard your child with ads to support the app. Kids Can Text will never have ads nor sell your child's info to anyone.

When will Kids Can Text be available?

Development of Kids Can Text will begin in January 2018. Since I have a family, full time job, and home- school my children, I have very limited time to work on this project. I expect to be completed no sooner than August 2018.

You can help to speed up the development by pre-ordering and spreading the word to all your friends and family!

How is this different from Kids In Touch?

Kids In Touch was an "app to app" messenger. That meant both the sender and receiver needed to have the app installed on their phones. This made it hard for families to setup and get their other family and friends connected.

Kids Can Text will be just like any other phone number. Your friends and family will think Little Lisa has a new phone and be able to text with her right away - no setup required.

Who can use Kids Can Text?

Kids Can Text will be available to all families in the United State and Canada. Unfortunately, reserved phone numbers and texting charges in other countries are simply too costly.

How will the app protect my children?

The app will allow parents to manage what phone numbers their child can send or receive messages from. If a message from a new number comes in, parents will be notified and can decide whether to let their child text to that new number.

When photos are sent or received, they will be automatically scanned for sexual or inappropriate content. If a photo is flagged, parents can review it before allowing their child to send or receive the message.

Will Kids Can Text share or use my child's information in any way?

Absolutely not! I'm a strict privacy advocate myself. Your childrens' messages and photos will never be shared with anyone other than you and the person they are texting. The app will not track your child in any way. All messages will be removed from our servers within 14 days or as soon as they are reviewed by a parent.

Kids Can Text will be fully compliant with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

What parental management features will the app have.

Parents will be able to use the app to review all messages their child has sent or received in the last 14 days. Parents can also set restrictions on whether their child can send photos or videos and set "quiet" times for the app.

Of course, parents will also be able to control what phone numbers their child can send and receive texts from.

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